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توجه این پلاگین هم در نرم افزارهای 32 بیتی و هم 64 بیتی کار میکند و مشکلی ندارد

امپگ نام یک وی اس تی پلاگین از کمپانی معروف ایتالیایی IK multimedia که با پلاگین میکس و مسترینگ قدرتمند آن یعنی تی راکس به خوبی آشنا هستیم میباشد ، امپگ همانطور که نامش مشخص است بعنوان یک پلاگین شبیه ساز سری امپ های با سابقه و با کیفیت کمپانی امریکایی به همین نام Ampeg که در ضمینه ی ابزارآلات موسیقی و بخصوص امپ های گیتار کار میکند بصورت وی اس تی پلاگین و با کمک IK multimedia هست.

فروش وی اس تی

Ampeg® SVX is the only official, authorized and officially authorized software available in the market that provides you with “true to the original” Ampeg Bass tone. Incidentally, it was also the FIRST branded software package that transported the sounds of the hardware to your desktop… no small feat. And IK Multimedia was, and remains, the premier partner provider for the world’s leading manufacturers of guitar and bass gear. But enough about us…

Ampeg SVX is divided into four main parts: Tuner, Pedalboard, Amp Head, and Cabinet/Mic/Room. The signal flow is exactly like your hardware rig and the interface is extremely familiar and intuitive.


Ahh, the indispensable Tuner — the one pedal that will make any player sound good. It’s the first element in the signal chain beyond your interface and USB port, and it’ not only digital for a huge degree of accuracy, but chromatic as well.


Next stop is the stellar collection of stompboxes designed specifically for bass. In this section you’ll find an amazing selection of bass tone modifiers that add shimmer, tremble and quake to your tones. These bass behemoths include the SCP-OD Bass Overdrive, the SCP-OCT Bass Octave, an Analog Chorus, Analog Delay, Envelope Filter, Bass Wah, Compressor and Volume Pedal.

The pedalboard can easily be configured and reconfigured via the “drag & drop” feature, and you can assign knobs (parameters) to a controller like the StealthPedal with a simple right-click of the mouse. Otherwise, the pedalboard functions just lik


Ampeg SVX gives you 4 amp head models you can use: the SVT-CL (a.k.a. the “Classic” head), the most popular bass head on the planet, the B-15 PortaFlex “Flip Top”, the SVT-4Pro and the BA500.

These are the core of your bass sound, and give you a full, balanced range of bass tones. You’ve heard most of these in your favorite songs because after all, Ampeg defines bass.


You get 6 cabinet choices covering every possible usable bass cabinet situation:
SVT810E – the granddaddy of bass cabinets and the one most ubiquitous on major tours, arenas, clubs and stages; the SVT410H, the BXT-410H, the B-15 Single 15″, the BA500 2×10″, and the PB2x12″. Your sound? It’s in here!


A bass cab is nothing without the microphones. The mic section gives you 6 choices: 4 dynamic mics and 2 studio condensers giving you access to some of the best microphones the industry has conjured up in a century.

So, here’s how it looks:

Bass —> Cable —> Interface —> Computer [Ampeg Magic: Tuner —> Pedalboard —> Amp Head —> Cabinet/Mic/Room Ambience] —> Adoring Fans.

Gear Available in Ampeg SVX:

Below are all the models of gear included in Ampeg SVX, plus all the gear models you can add to your rig through AmpliTube Custom Shop.

فروش وی اس تی


  • رمز فایل: www.vstsaz.ir
  • پسورد فایل جهت اکسترکت : www.vstsaz.ir
  • منبع: vst ساز


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